All roads lead to Jamwest this weekend!

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Dean Corrodus sends me motorsports material from time to time. Dean is genetically connected to motorsports  and as such he has a hand in numerous events on the motorsports calendar. His most recent submission speaks to the much touted  drag racing-circuit racing, 2 for the price of 1, pre-Christmas special, which will ignite the asphalt in Little London, Westmoreland this weekend.

To the Limit, the official title of the event, was parked for a week due to  the intervention of the  disciplinarian – Mother Nature!  Permission has been granted now from the meteorological masters, so all things being equal we will be allowed to invade Little London at will!

‘Chiney Dolly’

What is on offer for fans? Circuit racers, under normal circumstances would discard their helmets and pull the covers over their machines after the final race in their season in October. But thanks to the completion of the circuit track at Jamwest, circuit racing still lives! The advertisements and the promo clips confirm the involvement of the ‘Dover click’ including female sensation Natasha ‘Chiney Dolly’ Chang.

Natasha and the machine will be present at Jamwest.

So this weekend circuit racing fans will have their fix – intoxication by speed – as drivers battle for supremacy on the virgin surface.

Damian ‘Damage’ Allen

Drag racing is what Jamwest is best known for and the 1320ft will be grinning from green light to finish line as drag racers do what they do best – yank the gearstick and crush the accelerator in pursuit of impatient time! Damian ‘Damage’ Allen crossed a major bridge recently at Vernamfield. He scorched the quarter mile with an eight seconds run! I know you are not hearing this for the first time!

‘Damage’ standing tall on his machine at Vernam, before the game-changing 8 seconds run.

Anyway, as fate would have it, there were technical difficulties all day plaguing the timing equipment. So the doubters came out in a lynch mob, arguing that the time was inaccurate etc. So Damage’s time is still ‘unofficial’ and there was no backup run to confirm. But guess what? Damain ‘Damage’ Allen has stated that he will be at Jamwest and if the machine performs as expected…..

A packed weekend awaits and the activities will get the green light beginning Saturday with qualifying – racing will be on Sunday. As the cliché says – To miss is to Diss!

To the Limit – Jamwest Speedway, Little London, December 15-16.

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