Heelz and Wheelz Car Show – Part 2

Author : cmunroe

The circuit racing season everywhere is rapidly approaching – Daytona 500 in the USA, action at Jamwest next week, F1 round the corner – and the list continues. So, Heelz and Wheelz, this your final segment.

This is still one of my favorite ‘land of the rising sun’ machines.

Suicide doors – still popular on ‘the rock’.

Could he be denied entry? I don’t think so – beautiful monster!

Suzuki invasion.

Chiney Dolly’s machine.

A rather expensive 2 car garage!

There is something about this car – Gothic?

I am shameless – still my favourite picture!

Heelz and Wheelz – I had fun and truth be told, I did not hear complaints. Much respect Lee Sing!

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