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I totally abhor cliches and as such I refrain from referring to them. But there are occasions when nothing but a cliche can aptly capture a moment or a scenario. In this case there are few entities, organizations, outfits or tuning shops which elicit all things JDM than HKS.

If HKS requires an introduction you should exit these pages forthwith! The powerhouse has lost a founding father, a legend РHiroyuki Hasegawa -  but the seeds of speed were sown long ago and thankfully we will continue to reap the gratifying fruits.

What actually occurs behind the hallowed doors at the temple of speed was a mystery which baffled Sherlock Holmes! At time attack and other events the foreboding mushroom would be visible for miles, days after HKS dropped furiously contrived atoms of speeds!

Imagine being visited by the individual who commands and arrests your thoughts of lustful affection, the one person who when present  extracts your heart from its restrictive enclosure and serves it on a pity-plate!

Dwell in that trance and watch this.


Can you describe what you are feeling?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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