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What is pedal misapplication? Homework. The answer might surprise you.

So, we are gearing up for circuit racing 2018. Dover Raceway will be awakened in April and the 1.6 will be sanctified by beasts which reside in speed’s domain. I have too much to say about the current state of circuit racing on ‘the rock’ so, for now, I will ‘kibber mi mouth’!

As per usual the rumblings have begun. On Tuesday, I saw an all black Radical, devoid of livery, attached to the flat-bed of the wrecker that was assigned transportation detail. I had an opinion re its destination. I did not inquire. Coincidentally, I saw the same Radical, Wednesday afternoon, attached to the same flat-bed, returning from wherever it went on Tuesday. Testing?

It was never a secret. The unfortunate, sudden demise of two rapacious machines at Jamwest Speedway – the Audi DTM TT-R and TA 1 – initiated an immediate search for even more potent hardware! The thrill of speed is a drug which the average man simply cannot resist!


David Summerbell Jr. jumped into a Radical. It was said to be temporary. We will see in April. Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore went the meticulous and patient route. He did what ‘Hollywood’ usually does. He went plane-hopping to facilitate shopping! Superstar, I tell you!

What he sought and bought is now here on God’s slice of the good life – Jamaica! Social media is where snippets of the machine can be grabbed at will. And if the images and the brief pronouncements of intent from the machine are anything to go by, like the national flag, time and space-constricting speed, will unfurl in unfettered glory, on the 1.6 in April!

The machines are creeping out of their lair. They are eager to engage Sniper-mode. The Seek and Destroy mission is less than a month away. I would not want to be a piston or a crankshaft on April 1 and 2!

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