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The released images were meticulously sorted before being unmasked. The deception was masterfully orchestrated and brilliantly executed. The level of secrecy that was on display exceeded that which is the norm with black ops missions. Baffled, the motorsports public remained. Ignorance was their assigned pass time.


Was it an Audi? Not farfetched, but not consistent with the scheme of things. Was it an Evo? Absolutely not! The inline 4 configuration of the motor flung more mystery into the discourse. Truth be told, the glimpses of the ogre only aided in the obfuscation department.

Extreme discombobulation was a permanent menu item and the non existence of a cooperative inside source only added fuel to the ignorant flame.

A telephone call to Raj unearthed nothing noteworthy. He was schooled well. The mystery acquired nuclear fusion complexities. Sherlock Holmes exited the room, wrapped in an avalanche of frustration. We were forced to wait.


When the machine finally rolled a wheel on our shores, by all accounts, Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore was a fat kid in a chocolate factory! He was overjoyed. You will be provided with the evidence. John Public, however, was forced to endure the torture chamber which ignorance designed!

ATL Automotive is without doubt a significant factor in Jamaica’s automobile industry and over time, the brand has shown that it has mastered extracting the public’s attention and redirecting it to any of their first world showrooms. Want your machine on the lips of the individuals with dough to burn?

Motor racing provides that platform! I will remind you of ATL Automotive’s involvement thus far – Natasha ‘Chiney Dolly’ Chang’s Honda Civic EG and Doug Gore’s DTM Audi TT-R.

I have stated on these pages that a specific type of machine is best suited for the race tracks the Caribbean has to offer – except Jamwest. Point and shoot with the biggest gun, retainĀ  chewing gum grip and brake like a funny car parachute! Wrap that machine in one package and you have a weapon that will slay everything!

Doug Gore understood this.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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