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I am certain that when the colourful fabric was separated from The Beast in Kia’s showroom, everyone who was neither a part of Doug’s entourage nor Kia’s staff complement, was forced to retrieve their jaws from the ground. The Power to Surprise invaded the room!

Make no mistake, The Beast – a Kia Rio race car is a purpose-built machine with all the go fast goodies that James Bond’s R and D laboratory would retain! It is a rallycross monster but dressed in circuit racing attire. And if what I know remains factual, we should witness no less than 600 infuriated horses galloping towards corner 1. But wait, there is more.

The delicately assembled package snatched a personal trainer – it requires only 2000 cc and 16 valves to wage World War III and it will riot through its 5 speed dog box with sequential paddle shifters. To arrest its hurried forward motion, AP Racing calipers flaunting 6 pistons will be permanently employed.

It is a well established fact that the 1.6 is comprised of a dozen/13 corners. 4WD? Check! Mechanical lsd? Check!


I spoke to David Summerbell Jr. David does not know how to be a verbal, fierce, rival . He has no villainous characteristics. David likes the Kia Rio! But, he is not threatened by it. David is more concerned about his shoulder! Lol.

I have not spoken to Kyle. But he knows what awaits him on April 1-2. At present no one is in the dark. The rallycross machine I advocated for years ago, is here. It is in circuit racing trim. Yes. And like Burger King, it should be nothing but AWESOME!

Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore and ATL Automotive have raised the bar AGAIN!

The Beast. The Kia Rio is poised to infuse anarchy into the monarchy on April 2!

How will the big guns respond when confronted with THE POWER TO SURPRISE?


April 2 – Dover Raceway!

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