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We currently exist in the year tagged 2020. Developed countries across the world are dripping with technology and gadgets that are smarter than most of the us who occupy planet Earth. We may actually learn something from thrill seekers though.

Jumping out of an aeroplane is generally a scary proposition, but members of the skydiving club execute their blood-rushing feats with aplomb. I said that, to say this, maybe, just maybe, we should be examining how passengers can safely exit aeroplanes when difficulties appear at x thousand feet.

Aeroplane reneging on the contract? Pilot unable to cope? A message will be sent to the crew and passengers. Parachutes will be removed from below each seat. Passengers, clad in air-gear, will confidently approach the exit and jump to survival. The thrill will be immeasurable!

Prior to the season opener at the playground of the ultra-rich, numerous questions appeared. The drama re Tanak’s exit and Ogier’s arrival was made even more intriguing with the addition of Loeb to the mix at Hyundai Motorsport.


Rally Monte Carlo played a gut-wrenching card rather early. It was Mike Tyson in his prime. A single, but lethal knock-out punch. Tanak, the defending champion, in his first competitive event with Hyundai Motorsport, crashed in spectacular fashion. Tanak’s machine lost favor with the tarmac at speeds approaching 180 km/hr!


The fact that Tanak and his co-driver walked away intact, speaks volumes to the structural soundness of WRC machines. We are thankful.


But, the war on the stages was being fought in earnest and a question I asked in an earlier blog, was answered. A dark horse, in the shape and form of Elfyn Evans emerged. Elfyn, repping Toyota Gazoo Racing, made his presence felt and led the rally at an early stage.

Ogier was obviously still working through the kinks in his machine, while an individual, who was in familiar territory, had his own ideas. Neuville was never a slouch and where others were hesitant and doubtful, he was surefooted, disorientating Ogier.

As time progresses, Ogier and Tanak will improve. Elfyn Evans was the surprise of Rally Monte Carlo. But, Neuville was the main event at the casino. Ogier is not familiar with defeat at Rally Monte Carlo, but in 2020, Neuville did not offer him pleasant choices. Neuville drew  first blood! Thiery Neuville won Rally Monte Carlo 2020!



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