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The writing was on the wall, but some chose not to read. A wide cross section of the JRDC’s membership was not comfortable with the attitude, the effort/lack thereof, the distant approach and the apparent autocratic stance adopted by the previous executive body, which was reluctant to cater to the best interests of its members.


The ‘slippaz-men’ saw the JRDC’s AGM as the beckoning hand, providing the opportunity for the democratic dismissal of the stalwarts of the Great House. Social media maintained prominence as the platform from which the insurmountable became vividly possible.

The ballots were distributed to paid-up members. The election was brief. Counting and tallying saw Dean Corrodus, Junior Barnes, Doug Gore, Andel Griffiths, Terry Hamilton and Douglas Mckenzie emerging as victors for the six vacancies.

It should be stated that the board is comprised of three other members who served on the previous board. But, Terry Hamilton is alone though. She is the only individual from the victorious six-team who does not hail from western Jamaica (Douglas lives in Kingston at present, but he is from the west).

Junior ‘Fletty’ Barnes was appointed Chairman and Dean ‘Duct Tape’ Corrodus Vice Chairman. The JRDC is a wounded creature. Circuit racing, despite flashes of brilliance, some would argue, is in a dark, desolate chamber.

The problems are well known, but, if we accept what appears in the Dean Corrodus-created circuit racing Whatsapp Group, with the current board, hope and optimism are at an all-time high. And shoulders are already committed to the wheel, to bring tangible substance to all the ‘mouth-talk’ that was happening behind the scenes.


What took place at the Liguanea Club, on February 22, 2020 was significant for myriad reasons. And as fate would have it, the miracles did not end on Saturday. Kobre, a unique, often disruptive and some would say, a bold, divisive member of theĀ  circuit asylum, was born again after the election.

The gentleman is now an esteemed statesman, engaged in productive, meaningful and positive activities, all geared towards promoting the interests of the sport he loves. Miracles are real!

The JRDC is now led by a West-controlled board. Their burden is significant. All hands will be required to push-start the stuttering machine. The heavy lifting begins on Sunday, March 1, 2020 at Dover Raceway – the date and location of the first members-meeting! A refreshing change!

What changes would you welcome in local circuit racing? What should we expect from a west-controlled JRDC?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner -On-Line Writer

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