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Daigo Saito is a household name in drifting. The man is known for wielding exorbitantly-powered Toyota machines. Daigo Saito’s drifting repertoire is an enviable one – the man is a global drifter – popping up on several continents with high powered machines, shredding tyres with each blip of the throttle.

Daigo Saito is also well known in Formula D. Daigo bludgeoned FD’s drifters in 2012. Drifters in the home of the free and the land of the brave felt his wrath and possibly, Daigo is not comfortable with the defending champion’s (James Deane) dominance. The possibility of face-offs between Daigo and James is a stimulating prospect.

Did he stay away from the US for far too long? How will Daigo Saito perform in Formula D in 2020? Will he be able to successfully wrestle with the inch-perfect James Deane and knock him of his comfort porch? Is Daigo Saito still the imposing billowing tyre-smoke machine he was the last time he was on American soil?

What drama will he deliver? Fortunately, we do not have a  an extended wait. Daigo Saito returns to Formula D!


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