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In an earlier blog I suggested that racing is cheating. The male ego will reject any appearance which advocates a loss. And truth be told, extreme measures may be employed to ensure that losing is a meal that will be consumed by the opposition. So, why do we have rules? Rules restrict the inherent propensity to subscribe to deviant behaviour. Some excel at utilizing what exists. Others are not as competent.


So, Mercedes AMG introduced D.A.S. A novel trick. An innovative gem, which, despite raised brows, conform to the letter of the law. Ferrari unearthed blistering pace (again) in 2019. Protests appeared. The F.I.A. grabbed the horse, but the outcome raised more questions than transparent answers. Ferrari caught red-handed? A closed-door signature and handshake between Ferrari and the F.I.A. did not pass the scent test. Toto Wolff led the rebellion, but victory chose an elusive path.

Despite the conundrum F1 wheels continue their relentless motion and all things being equal, Australia will be lit this weekend with F1′s season opener.

Testing, I maintain, reveals nothing to onlookers and opposing teams. There are far too many variables with blank spaces to arrive at conclusive evidence. As such, it is my view that only team members interact with the truth garnered from testing. And at times, even they are swimming in ignorance’s domain, based on the fact that they are uncertain if what their machine delivered was genuine pace or simply a mirage based on the fact that they are unable to confirm if the opposition was playing with a genuine deck of cards.


Reality will tick the appropriate box in Australia. If we were to reject the above argument and swallow testing’s pill, Mercedes AMG left no doubt that they were in no mood to relinquish that which they have maintained for several seasons running. In one simple move – D.A.S. – Mercedes AMG made it abundantly clear that while the other teams slept they were busy exploring avenues designed to keep the pack chasing.


Defending world champion, Lewis Hamilton, will want to launch his quest for 7 with a victory, but Bottas was sizzling in testing and Australia has been kind to him. Scuderia Ferrari, poor Ferrari. Ferrari has mastered the art of self-destruction and pre-season activities saw the team mired in back-room dealings and secret agreements. The prancing horse is a dismayed one and unfortunately the path to championship winning ways may be permanently obscured.

And Vettel? It is my view that his search for another title will be fruitless. But, miracles exist. Will Scuderia Ferrari be on the receiving end of a miracle? What about Verstappen and the other drivers on the grid? Do you see a surprise in Australia?

Lewis Hamilton will win in Australia? Bottas will upstage his teammate? Verstappen will upset the proceedings. FerrariĀ  will intervene?

Are you bold? Can you pick the winner?

F1 begins this weekend. Who will win in Australia?

What? The coronavirus will be a factor? Do not say that!

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