Smoking cigarettes – Watching your money go up in smoke!

Author : teriann

Teri Ann Renee Paisley, Gleaner Online Writer

As a concerned consumer there is one product that really grabs my attention and that is the cigarette.

I have never bought a cigarette, but that does not mean I have never smoked. That’s because even though someone else has chosen to smoke a cigarette, if I am in their vicinity when they light it then it is a certainty that I will be affected by secondhand smoke.

I am all for freedom of choice and all that but at times I wonder if enough is being done to protect those of us who choose not to smoke. Since cigarettes are relatively inexpensive they are consumed by a wide cross section of Jamaican society, regardless of their economic background.

All over the world, persons are well aware of the health risks of smoking tobacco and May 31, 2013, is celebrated as ‘No Tobacco Day.’

The name given to the day resonated with me because recently there have been pronouncements that there will be a ban on smoking in public places in Jamaica.
I completely agreed with the Health Minister’s comments as he explained “My position is not personal. It is a part of the mandate given to me to protect the health and well-being of the people of Jamaica.”

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The health risk is something to be considered but the other point consumers must give attention to is how the cost of cigarettes has affected their lives.
As the economic situation forces consumers to cut back on unnecessary purchases those who smoke must consider how much they spend on buying cigarettes to fill their habit. One smoker I spoke to confessed that he smokes up to two packs of cigarettes a week and sometimes that figure climbs as high as three packs.

One pack of 20 cigarettes costs between $700 – $650. For one month he would have spent approximately $5,600 buying cigarettes! That figure is quite large when you consider how many things he could have bought for that sum! Even those who smoke less are still affected as the cost is cumulative.

There have been recent increases in the tobacco sector but consumers still continue to buy cigarettes.

Are you a smoker? Well that’s your choice.

Remember though to keep track of how much you are spending on cigarettes!!

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2 Responses to “Smoking cigarettes – Watching your money go up in smoke!”

  1. Dr. Richard Skyers says:

    Conferences are usually not a waste of time. decisions taken take time to bring to fruition. The comments so far on the failure of the Diaspors Conferences to deliver real benefits is, yes, due to the failure of structures that facilitate the ease of investments.
    But there are other shortcomings. The something for nothing culture is hard wired in to the Jamaican psyche and impatience which rains down into the peoples consciousness.
    The failure of policy makers to take the long term view of development and work towards achieving it also a problem. In the immediate future it would be good read about the long term goals of the country for example how to end the violence, future investment policies and expected outcomes rather than whether this or that Minister is entitled to a top or bottom end car or whether the PM or any minister should have spent so much on this or that hotel.
    You are a small country but with lots of potential and sensible and some honest people. Use the people in your higher education institutions to help you determine the future path of Jamaica and engage the diaspora in helping to achieve it.

  2. [...] I have written in previous posts about the effects that smoking has on those who persist in watching their money go up in ‘smoke’. [...]

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