It’s not business as usual in Jamaica!

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So it’s been a very unusual time  for everyone around the world. Our daily routine has been severely disrupted by quarantines and lock downs.  Schools have been closed, examinations either cancelled or postponed and a number of businesses have also closed their doors or have reduced their hours.

These actions have been taken not just by Jamaica, but by most governments all over the world in order to prevent the spread of COVID -19 virus.  So as we continue to live through these unprecedented times, what should consumers do?

Stay home

In order to protect our vulnerable members of society, we all are encouraged to stay home.  This means only leaving our homes when absolutely necessary, such as when we need to purchase food and medication. Non -essential workers were also encouraged to work from home.  That’s right no parties are on the horizon for you at all unless you count the ones organized online.

This will affect the flow of business of course, especially as more persons start to adhere to these measures and avoid unnecessary shopping trips.

The tourism industry has been severely crippled with several hotels closing their doors. These closures have resulted in job losses as some companies have cut staff in order to keep their business viable. However, there has been a spike in more companies offering home deliveries recently and fast food entities have newly joined the ranks of those who deliver. Consumers do well to utilize these services as they support local businesses but do it in such a way that their health is safeguarded.

What about supermarket shopping?

Well, obviously getting food is a priority but there are several ways to get groceries safely.  Some supermarkets are offering customers a delivery services. There are also other kinds of delivery services that can be utilized.

Social Distancing

If you have to go outside, remember to practice social distancing. This means standing at least up to 6 feet from the person in front of you. There has been definite proof that staying your distance from everyone decreases the chances that you will sick.

What about when you have to go inside a business place?

Well up to the time of writing this blog, it has been mandated that no more than 10 persons should assemble and as a result there will be restrictions. How should consumers deal with this situation?  Firstly I would encourage an early start to complete any transactions as this means less persons would be around.

The next course of action is to obey the social distancing recommendations. However, if you realize that others are standing too close to you, take the opportunity to lead in giving them some space.  Hopefully your actions will encourage others to do the same. In some cases it might even be better that you leave and try another alternative to getting your business done on that day. A number of banks and other financial institutions are online so it is best to join the online movement if you have not already done so.

Let’s all do our part to keep ourselves healthy! Keep safe!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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